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650V automotive-grade SiC mosfet launches ST’s Gen3

Called SCT040H65G3AG, the part typically has a 40mΩ on-resistance and can carry 30A through its Kelvin source H2PAK-7 package (right).

Regarding gen 3 “ST’s new SiC devices are specifically optimised for automotive applications including traction inverters, on-board chargers and dc-dc converters, as well as e-climate compressors,” it said. “The new generation also suits industrial applications – motor drives, renewable-energy converters and storage systems – as well as telecom and data-centre power supplies.”

The SiC 650V mosfet initially is for evaluation, with limited samples available. According to the company it has completed qualification of its third-generation SiC technology platform and expects to move most of the derivative products to commercial maturity by the end of 2021.

For gate driving, the recommended operating range is between -5 and 18V, with -10 to 22V absolute maximum values, and a usefully-defined gate transient rating: 10 hours of sub-microsecond -11 or 25V pulses accumulated over the product life time, if Electronics Weekly has understood correctly – the data sheet link is below.

Devices with nominal voltage ratings of 650V, 750V and 1,200V will be amongst those available, suiting ac-line voltages and high-voltage vehicle batteries including 800V types.

Third-generation transistors will be offered in packages including STPAK, H2PAK-7L, HiP247-4L and HU3PAK, as bare die, and in the AcePack family of power modules.

These are planar devices with a fast intrinsic diode “that deliver the bi-directional properties needed for automotive on-board chargers used in V2X [vehicle-to-x] power flow” said ST.